Solar Power Gadgets

Fun, Affordable and Cool Solar Gadgets!

The array of solar power gadgets available today is mind boggling! There are so many new affordable solar inventions that can help make life a bit easier, more beautiful, or simply more fun.

Take a look at some of the solar gadgets that are out there right now and see if you don't find at least one that you would like to try out for yourself.

Solar AA Battery Charger

Who doesn't need AA batteries for one thing or another? A solar AA battery charger could come in handy at just the right time for you.

Choose from several different styles - foldable, rollable, suitcase style, multi-purpose, or a do-it-yourself kit that enables you to build your own. Each style has built-in solar panels that take in the sun's energy and then transfer it to the batteries. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Portable Solar Charger

Manufacturers are realizing that solar power gadgets are a great way to offer consumers what they need for recharging their cell phones, laptops, MP3s, iPods, cameras, and much more.

Portable solar chargers can be dedicated to charging just one type of electronic device, but most are designed with the capability of charging more than one type of device, making these ideal for traveling or getting out in the great outdoors.

There are many different chargers available for different needs, including traveling. For example the new RV solar battery chargers are incredibly helpful when you are on the road.

Solar Power Radio

A solar power radio is great for listening to music or your favorite broadcasts while on the beach, in the yard, or hanging out with friends in the tree house.

These solar power gadgets have more capabilities than just that however. You can also use solar radios to charge your cell phone, provide a light, or to hear important information in the case of an emergency.

Solar Clothing

What do you think of the idea of charging your MP3 player or cell phone with your clothes? :-) It's a relatively new concept, but designers are trying their hand at coming up with attractive solar clothing that can also soak up the sun's rays.

So far, they've come up with the idea of attaching solar panels to the outside of the garment or weaving solar fibers into the clothing item itself so that when you're in the sun, you can be charging your phone or other small hand-held gadget.

Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Just about everyone carries a cell phone these days and eventually, every cell phone needs recharged. A solar cell phone charger is a handy gadget to carry with you wherever you go so that you have the option of using the sun's energy to recharge your cell phone while you sit on the beach or sit outside on your deck.

Various styles are available, but some of the most common ones are folding, windmill, and pocket chargers. The folding ones are attractive because they're compact and light, but pack up to 4 solar panels into one charger.

The windmill chargers actually have three blades or fans that spread out like a windmill to capture the sun's energy. The pocket chargers are typically used for emergency situations and are small enough to slip into your pocket or purse.

Solar Toys

What better way for children to learn about the benefits of solar energy than by building and playing with solar toys?

The options available range from solar planes, helicopters, butterflies, flowers, cars, robots, and solar system models, just to name a few. The kits are easily assembled with a bit of help from an adult. These toys are sturdy and fun and powered by the sun's energy!

Solar Lights

The wide variety of solar lights on the market now is really amazing. You can find many different styles including:

  • Solar spotlights

  • Deck lights

  • Path lights

  • Stepping stone lights

  • whimsical shaped string lights

  • Fence post lights

  • Book lights

  • LED solar lights

  • Solar garden lights

  • Lights for pools

  • Flashlights

  • Ponds and other water features

  • Stair accent lights

  • Solar lamps

  • Flag pole lights

  • Flood lights

  • Artificial flowers with solar lights inside them!

Adding curb appeal or beauty to your outdoor space has never been so easy or economical!

Miscellaneous Solar Power Gadgets

You can find many other cool and interesting solar gadgets too! Here are a few examples of what else is out there for your enjoyment.

  • iPad case with built-in solar panel

  • Fans - window fans, car fans

  • Solar powered toothbrushes

  • Solar powered air purifiers

  • Television remotes powered by solar

  • Solar powered wishing wells and other whimsical garden features

  • Solar powered insect repellers/killers

  • Baseball style caps with clip-on solar fans

  • Solar powered lunchboxes

  • Video cameras powered by solar energy

  • Solar fire starters

  • Solar watches for men and women

  • Solar powered automobile fans - keep inside of vehicle cool

  • Solar golf carts

  • Backpacks with built-in solar panels

  • Solar briefcases

  • Solar cookers and ovens

There are even water pasteurization kits and solar water pumping kits so that you can get water in an emergency situation and know when it's safe to drink. Our friend Kriss over at Solar Sphere has the latest in solar gadgets as there are new developments in the technologies happening all the time.

The variety of solar power gadgets is always growing and changing with the new technologies that are coming to light every year. Great minds are coming together and figuring out how to utilize solar energy not only for heating and cooling our homes, businesses, and schools, but also for enjoyment and beautifying our homes inside and out.

Solar gadgets are here to stay, so why not try one or more of them for yourself? You can feel good about it because you're using a free, renewable energy source, and you're protecting the environment at the same time! What could be better than having a new gadget that's environmentally friendly and doesn't cost anything to operate?

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