Solar Power Garden Lights

Eco-Friendly Lighting for Your Yard

Solar power garden lights provide an effective outdoor lighting solution for many gardens and backyards around the world. Let’s take a look at how these handy green-energy inventions work, the benefits and downsides of using them, and how they can be used to add character to your garden.

How Solar Garden Lights Work

The idea behind solar outdoor lights is simple. They each have a small solar panel on the top, which gathers energy during the day. At night, that energy is converted into light. Most of the lights have an automatic sensor with lets the light know when the sun has gone down and it’s time to switch over to night mode.

You may be wondering whether solar powered garden lights work on overcast days – the answer, in most cases is yes. You should check the details before you buy particular lights, but most quality lights will gather enough energy from the daylight to put out light at night, even when it’s cloudy.

Pros and Cons of Using Solar Outdoor Lighting

The most obvious upside of using solar power garden lights is that they are environmentally friendly and not reliant on non-renewable energy forms. This means your household uses less power, which leads to another big benefit – reducing your power bill. The difference may not be noticeable right away, but over time the savings will start to benefit your bank account.

Another benefit is the function of the lights themselves. Many people don’t even have garden lights to begin with, so solar lights provide an affordable and easy way to set up some outdoor lighting. You can simply buy a pack, “plant” them in the garden and forget about them. They prove particularly useful for lighting areas where you may trip or walk into something in the dark. Often they are used to light the edges of a pathway.

One of the only drawbacks some people find with solar power lights is that they put out less light than electric versions. This is not a major issue if you simply want to mark out the edges of a path, for instance, but it can be problematic if you need an object or area to be highly visible at night.

Another related problem is inconsistency in the power of the lights – the output can change from day to day depending on the available sunlight.

Finally, some people find that solar outdoor lights simply don't last very long. This is usually the result of purchasing from a solar lights manufacturer that is not experienced in offering quality lighting. YOu will get a better quality light by choosing a reputable and experienced solar energy store.

Styles of Solar Power Carden Lights

There are now many manufacturers of solar garden lights and the variety available means there’s something for everyone’s tastes. You can decide on a classic, simple design, or mix up your garden with something more unique such as a creative, novelty look.

This is a good opportunity for those who love their gardens to add a little extra flair and character. Some people prefer to use them at the front of their property to help light up other garden features, such as a fountain or statue.

Styles can also range from simple, plastic lights to more elaborate metal versions designed to look like streetlamps. The simplest versions of the lights consist of a stand, a bulb and clear casing, and the solar panel on top.

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