Benefits of a Solar Power Generator

A solar power generator is an excellent thing to have during an emergency blackout, but they are beneficial for several other reasons too.

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We'll talk about the benefits of having a generator powered by the sun, but first let's look at what a solar generator is and how it works.

What is a Solar Generator?

picture of a solar power generator

A generator powered by solar energy basically consists of a minimum of one solar panel (but usually more than one), a battery, and an inverter. The solar panel must be located in an area where it will receive direct sunlight.

There are several different size generators available on the market for residential use, so the size you choose will definitely depend on the amount of energy you want or need to power your home.

One type of solar generator is what is called the "plug-and-play" model. This type of solar power generator requires no installation, and is easily portable. When the power goes out, the appliances or lights you want to run are plugged directly into the generator and you have power available.

Solar Power Generation With Back Up

A second type of residential solar generator is a bit more complex with a battery backup system built-in for those times when you require power for more than just a few lights for a few hours.

The battery backup system is beneficial for those times when the power grid fails and you're left without any electricity. You can have any number of batteries connected to your solar power source - just make sure you have enough to power the critical appliances and lights in your home.

The systems with battery backups require more know-how and should be installed by a professional whenever possible.

How Do They Work?

A solar power generator is a wonderful resource for power during blackouts, but it can also provide you with energy during normal weather days. It's even possible to generate enough power via the sun to provide power for other people on the power grid!

The solar panels installed on or around your home capture the sun's energy, send it through the inverter, and convert the sun's rays into usable electricity to power your lights, heat your water, and operate your appliances.

Generators powered by the sun are an excellent power source for residential homes in any location, whether in the suburbs, the city, or rural locations. During a power outage, you will still be able to enjoy watching television, viewing a movie on your DVD player, use your computer, drink cold drinks from the fridge, and take a hot shower.

Benefits of Solar Generators

We've discussed some of the benefits of solar power generators, but here are a few more reasons you should consider investing in a backup generator for your home.

  • Generate free electricity for your home

  • Possibly generate power to sell back to the power company

  • Powerful, yet creates no noise

  • Saves money

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Portable - can move the generator anywhere it is needed

  • Little or no maintenance required

  • Guarantees that you'll have power regardless of the weather

  • Extra energy saved for later use

  • Built to last roughly 20 years Frees you from dependence on a utility company or the government in the event of a power outage

How Much Do Solar Generators Cost?

Small portable ones can be purchased for under $100. However, for residential use, you're probably looking at a price range of $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the number of solar panels and backup batteries you need.

Now, if you want a generator that's portable and packs a ton of power, you're probably looking at up to $14,000. As you can see, the range is relatively wide, depending on your power requirements.

The price you pay for a solar power generator will be determined by how much power you require. In other words, before purchasing a solar generator, you need to decide whether you want to power just your lights when the power goes off or if you want to be able to sustain power to your appliances, lights, and water heater. Once you know what power you want or need, then you can find a generator that will meet some or all of your needs.

Solar generators are perfect for supplying emergency power or for lighting up the tool shed, garage, or even the beach without draining your wallet! Sounds like a win-win investment, doesn't it?

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