Solar Power Grants

Solar power grants are an excellent option for those who are seeking a more affordable way to save on energy costs and set up a home solar energy system.

solar power grants

The cost for electricity is expected to increase, if not double, in the coming years. Solar energy is often one of the first options that come to mind when people are considering ways to lower their monthly energy costs.

Many of us are searching for ways to reduce energy costs in a way that are not only environmentally friendly, but friendly to the budget as well!

Grants for solar energy are very good news and can be the key to lowering energy costs while taking yet another step toward going green in our homes.

For many of us, the installation costs are the biggest obstacle to going green and making the leap to solar energy. Solar or renewable energy grants can be very helpful reducing or in some cases eliminating the initial investment required for installation.

Governments in many countries are now offering financial incentives and grants for those interested in installing and utilizing solar energy in their homes. A grant can be obtained at a federal, state, or local level.

Before You Begin - The Realities of Renewable Energy Grants

One of the "Murphy's Laws" of getting grants is that it is MUCH harder to get money given to you, than it is for you to go ahead and pay for something straight out.

I know that seems obvious, but it's important to know, so that when frustrations and roadblocks appear, you can handle them without feeling devastated, angry or upset.

Before you begin the process, I highly recommend that you get into a positive mindset by visualizing your new solar home, and feeling how excited you are to live in it!!

Image that you ALREADY have your beautiful solar home, and then go about the practical steps needed to get a grant.

I highly recommend that you allocate some regular time to your solar energy grant getting process. Treat it like a part time job, and give it the time and energy it deserves.

Actually, applying for grants is a lot like starting a business. You never know if you'll actually succeed, but you need to put in a lot of consistent time, energy and effort into the process. OK, now that you're in the right mindset, let's get some solar energy grants!! :-)

Tips for Success with Solar Energy Grants

It's crucial to do your research prior to applying for a solar power grant. Take some careful time and energy in these first steps, so that you have the best chance of successfully receiving a grant.

First, you must decide on what type of solar power system you want to install in your home.

Do you want to provide energy for the entire home or simply a solar energy system that will heat the water?

In order to power the entire home, you'll need to install a photoelectric system. A solar water heating system will heat just the water in your home. The grant for which you apply is dependent on this decision, as one option is more expensive to install than the other.

What is Your Budget for Your Solar Project?

Secondly, do you have a budget in mind for your project? You must have realistic costs in hand before asking for a government grant.

Make sure you've done your homework and understand what it will take to install and maintain a solar energy system in your home. You'll be taken more seriously if you have conducted the research and know your numbers.

Next, find out who is offering the grant that would best serve your energy needs. Many times grants for renewable energy source installations are available not only from the federal government, but from your state or even local government agencies.

A helpful resource for those in the US is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. also known as DSIRE. Here you can find sources at all levels for solar power grants, including the incentives offered and the stipulations associated with each.

Applying for Solar Power Grants

Once you have conducted your research and are ready to apply for your grant, make sure to read all of the information and fine print contained in the grant.

Some grants will give you the installation costs up front for your project; whereas others are set up to pay you once the solar power system is installed, with the initial costs fronted by you.

Still other grants operate on a pay-as-you-go concept based on the progress of the project installation.

Even after all of this, you may still not be approved for any of the solar power grants, but it's still worth the effort to apply for one and see what happens. If you don't qualify for one grant, it's possible you'll qualify for a different one, so don't give up if the first time you're turned down for a grant.

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