Solar Power Kits

A Great Way to Get Started With DIY Solar Power

There are a growing number of solar power kits available for those who want to get started using DIY solar power. How do you figure out which one is best for your needs?

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Keep in mind these aren't kits that are as simple as going to your local hardware store and picking one up. They aren't like making a purchase at IKEA and assembling dining room chairs.

Before you make such a purchase you need to do a lot of planning to make sure you purchase the right kit for your home.

Solar energy kits are fairly easy to a person who has experience installing solar equipment. You may need minimal manufacturer support, or may have some technical questions before you purchase.

You would be safe to purchase such kits online from a reputable solar energy kit supplier who has direct experience using the kits. This is like a professional auto mechanic purchasing a car kit. Because you are familiar with the parts and the process this is an easy job to do.

What If You Have No Experience With
Solar Energy Kits?

However if you have no experience with installing solar energy equipment and such, you will need to find a kit that offers comprehensive support for your planning and installation. Make sure they are available by both email and phone. Some kits may even offer in-person support as well.

Plan out exactly what you will need to use the kit for. Measure and configure the size needed and make sure you get one that will fit your needs. Solar equipment that is too small will not give you sufficient energy to power what you need it to power. If it’s too big then you are wasting your money buying too much of a system or kit.

It’s a good idea to get expert advice about your energy needs. Location, orientation to the sun, outside temperatures, nearby buildings and trees can effect the efficiency of solar panels. It’s important to look at all these things and buy the right system to fit just for you.

Keep in mind that you will need back up storage as well. It’s a good idea to have batteries to store power for times of blackouts. Be sure to inquire about which back-up system is best to go with, as they come in many sizes.

Tips for Finding the Right Solar Kits

Before you purchase a solar energy kit, make sure that you do some research on the different brands on the market. Most importantly, talk to the folks who will be selling you the kits.

The old adage you get what you pay for stands true. But also just because one is triple the price of another doesn’t mean it’s necessarily superior. Research the market, read up on reviews and recommendations and make a wise choice.

I prefer to make purchases of this kind of equipment from companies that are experienced with solar energy, and that use it themselves every day. I've found that I get a much better product, that actually works!

Don’t be afraid to ask the supplier of the solar power kits all your questions before you buy. Better yet, write down ahead of time any questions you may have, then give them a call – or see them in person.

Email them too – to see how fast they are at responding to your inquiries. If they lack speed with response before you buy, you can pretty much bet they won’t offer any better customer service after the fact.

Are they honest, helpful, and informative? Or are they just trying to make a sale? You want ot work with someone that can provide valuable information and help you if you run into problems with your kit.

Best Place to Find Solar Power Kits

My favorite source for solar power kits are the Solar Sphere Solar Energy Kits.

There are several reasons I like them. First, they have a huge selection of hundreds of solar kits in all shapes and sizes, for many different uses.

Secondly, they provide excellent customer service and are prompt at getting back to you when you have a question.

Third, they are "real people" who live in their own off grid solar home, so they use solar energy every day and they know what they are talking about.

One of the big problems with trying different types of solar technologies in your home is that some of them just flat out don't work well! I've never seen this kind of complaint from the customers of Solar Sphere. They sell stuff that works, and I really appreciate that.

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