Solar Power Light Fixtures

The Many Choices Now Available
for Solar Lighting

Solar power light fixtures have come a long way in the last few years. Solar stake style lights were some of the first ones to come onto the market and are still popular for many residential and commercial uses.

The types and styles of solar lights have greatly increased, giving the homeowner a lot more options when it comes to saving money on electricity while adding aesthetic value to the home and property.

Solar Indoor Lighting Options

There are several solar lighting options for indoor use as well. Indoor solar light fixtures vary in style, but can be found in the form of ceiling lights, wall lights, small desk lamps, and table lamps.

It's also easy to shed light inside an outdoor building such as a gardening shed, garage, outhouse, or remote vacation cabin using solar indoor light fixtures.

As long as you have a solar panel mounted on the outdoor building, you can enjoy light inside without the need for electricity.

Types of Outdoor Solar Power Light Fixtures

  • Solar lamp post lights - teardrop, lantern

  • Garden solar lights - can add even more beauty to your garden area

  • Solar spot lights - great for illuminating address plaques, flags, trees, or any other outdoor area on which you like to focus

  • Solar flag pole lights - illuminate your flag pole

  • Solar Christmas tree lights and solar rope lights

  • Solar floating lights - perfect for floating in water features

  • Step and ground lights - for illuminating steps and walkways

  • Bollard solar lights - entrances or pathways

  • Solar floodlights - to illuminate displays, house, pool area, or outside recreational area

  • Solar torch lights - ideal for gardens, sidewalks, walkways, or along driveways and turnarounds

  • Solar wall lights - mount on fence or wall

  • Solar post lights - driveway entrance, fence, wall, patio, deck, or balcony

Portable Solar Power Light Gadgets

We're a society of people who rarely stay in one place for long and when we do travel, we want to have all the creature comforts of technology available to us when we need them.

Portable solar powered flashlights and solar head lamps are a great example of types of solar gadgets that provide light when electricity isn't an option.

Solar flashlights come in handheld crank style or in lantern style with a handle attached. Flashlights powered by solar are also being built into combination radio and solar light gadgets that are ideal for camping, travel, the beach, hiking, or backpacking.

Head lamps powered by solar are designed to be weather resistant, attach to the head with an adjustable strap, and have a few settings so you can adjust the amount of light required for your task.

These solar gadgets are perfect for using at the campsite, on a night hike, or for more important tasks such as conducting searches at night.

New and Exciting Uses for Solar Lights

Solar lights are so simple to use and are a lot of fun to decorate with. Here are just a few ideas on how to use solar powered lighting.

  • Decorate your next cookout or party using solar powered Christmas lights

  • Use novelty or whimsically designed lights to add curb appeal to your home

  • Nightlights for the campsite or for your next backyard campout

  • Illuminate the sidewalk in front of your house

Solar power light fixtures are available in almost every style, size, color, and design as traditional light fixtures, so you'll be able to find just the right fixtures for inside and outside your home and landscape.

Finding Reliable Solar Lighting

Since solar lights are becoming more popular, the market is being flooded with all kinds of different brands and models of solar lighting.

Many people who have tried solar power light fixtures have been disappointed, reporting that their lights did not work properly, or broke within a short period of time.

If you would like to purchase good quality solar lighting that lasts, I recommend reading the reviews before you buy any type of solar lighting.

Another option is to shop around locally and choose a reliable merchant that specializes in solar energy for the home.

Solar energy experts are well versed in the field and know how to choose solar lights that will both look good AND last for the long term in your home.

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