Solar Power Roof Vents

How Solar Vents Can Save You Money!

Solar power roof vents are an excellent money-saving addition to any home and solve the problem of maintaining the proper temperature in your attic space.

Attics are naturally extremely hot areas given that they're the closest in proximity to the suns rays. Keeping the attic air cool and moving is vital to keeping your energy costs down throughout the year.

solar power roof vent

How Solar Roof Vents Work

These solar vents receive the sun’s rays and capture the energy contained within them to power your roof vents and fans, instead of utilizing electricity to make the fans operate.

A solar powered fan system actually expels the hot air out of your attic or roof space to allow your home to stay cooler throughout even the warmest and most humid of days.

Your air-conditioning unit won’t work as hard, so you'll naturally save money on your monthly electric bill.

Benefits of Solar Roof Vents

  • One fan in a solar roof vent is capable of moving 800 cubic feet of air every 60 seconds

  • This solar powered system will keep air moving throughout the day

  • Reasonable initial investment = excellent return on investment in the way of energy savings

  • Installation is easy, so you'll save money by installing your solar roof vents yourself (a licensed electrician is not required)

  • Set your solar vent system on a timer to regulate when it runs and to regulate the temperature in your attic

  • Solar roof vents and fans prevent mold development in the attic, which is typically the result of hot air and moisture being trapped in the attic space.

  • Cleaner, more efficient, and safer than electric roof vent systems

  • No wiring is required

  • No additional installation of circuit breakers is required

  • Once your solar powered roof vent system is installed, you leave it alone and watch your monthly power bills decrease

Energy Savings from Solar Roof Vents

Regardless of the type of climate in which you live, solar vents can be a real energy saver and make a significant difference in how your home is heated and cooled throughout the cold and warm months.

The solar power roof vents manufactured today will even capture enough of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to keep your home cooled properly.

It's estimated that most people will save an average of 30% on their electricity costs, so the initial investment made in solar roof vents is returned quickly.

With energy costs gradually rising, it's a wise decision to transform your home into a more energy efficient place. Solar roof vents are just one way to help you keep your energy costs down while improving the environment as well.

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