Solar Powered Bird Baths

The Challenges of Using a Solar Bird Bath

Solar powered bird baths are an excellent way to add beauty to your flower garden, vegetable garden, or yard while at the same time extending an open invitation to the native birds of the area to visit.

These birdbaths are unique in that they use no electricity or plumbing. They instead operate using the power of the sun!

Despite the many benefits of these solar wonders, there are some frustrations that come along with owning one of these and maintaining it properly.

How Does a Solar Bird Bath Work?

Several different styles of solar bird baths are available, but essentially there are two basic designs: one sits directly in the sun and the other can sit in the shade as long as the solar panel to which it is connected sits directly in the sun.

Do you like the idea of having your birdbath lit during the evening hours? A few designs include a light that will stay lit during the night with the solar energy the panels have absorbed during the day. It's a wonderful addition to your flowerbeds, garden, or curb area.

The solar panel is connected to a solar pump, which then circulates the water in the birdbath and powers the fountain also if there is one included in the bird bath design.

Which Solar Powered Bird Baths Are the Most Reliable?

People who bought the following brands of solar power bird baths were very pleased with them.

Solar Powered Three Frog Bird Bath Fountain

One of the most popular designs of birdbath powered by the sun, the three frog design with a combination bird bath and fountain is reasonably priced and adds class and elegance and even a bit of whimsy to any garden location.

The frog on top spits water and creates a calming sound of water flowing. The birds love it, it's easy to put together, and it seems to work even if it's a bit overcast.

Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain

People who bought this equally popular solar birdbath liked that it is easily set up, it's well constructed, very pretty and that it truly attracts birds to their garden or yard.

A few of the drawbacks mentioned are that it must be placed in full sun or it won't operate properly and that it isn't the most attractive solar design available. The biggest drawback is that you must be vigilant about making sure the water pump doesn't run dry or else the bath won't stay filled with water.

Other brands that people seem to like:

  • Smart Solar On Demand! Milano Lion's Head Solar Estate Fountain

  • Smart Solar Kensington Gardens 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath Fountain

  • Smart Solar Ceramic Frog Solar Bird Bath Fountain

  • Solar Powered Birdbath Waterfall Rock by In the Garden and More

  • Smart Solar Ceramic Blue Cascade Bird Bath Fountain

  • St. Francis Solar Bird Bath by Roman

  • Smart Solar Litchfield Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Athena Solar-On-Demand Ceramic Bird Bath Fountain

This is one of the solar fountain/birdbath combinations that received the poorest rating. Even when it was placed in direct sunlight, the fountain was very weak and sometimes was only a trickle. The bowl has to be stored in a warm spot during the winter or else it will crack and break. The praises for this one: easy set up and pretty color.

Brands that people weren't as pleased with:

  • Happy Bird Solar Sipper Heated Bird Bath

  • Smart Solar Somerset Solar Birdbath and Stand

  • Chatsworth Two-Tiered Solar Birdbath Fountain

Drawbacks of Solar Powered Bird Baths

  • Many styles must be placed directly in the sun in order to work properly

  • Solar power bird baths aren't designed to work at night unless you have a battery backup system

  • Depending on the design, some bird baths freeze during the winter

  • Many styles require refilling a few times a day due to evaporation

  • Pumps that run dry will ruin the solar power bird bath and render it useless

  • Solar cells can be easily damaged if not handled properly during cleaning

Solar powered bird baths designed and manufactured by Smart Solar are at the top of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have several styles from which to choose, they're built well, have excellent appeal, and seem to function better than most on the market.

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