Solar Powered Toy Cars and Solar Car Models

Fun for the Whole Family

Solar powered toy cars and solar car models can provide hours of fun and education for children without the use of batteries or traditional electricity. These gadgets are typically pretty small and run strictly on the sun's energy.

Solar toy cars are outfitted with a small solar panel, a motor, wheels, and gears. Most of the cars require some assembly unless you order them already assembled. The solar panel, when placed in direct sunlight, soaks up the sun's energy, which turns into electricity to make the car motor run and turn the wheels.

Benefits of Solar Powered Toy Cars

  • Teaches children about sustainable resources

  • Fun educational toys

  • Environmentally friendly toys

  • Teaches children about solar energy in general

  • No batteries required

  • Expands knowledge of scientific principles

  • Saves energy costs nothing to fuel it

  • Creates interest in solar power and other renewable resources

  • Simple fun

  • Excellent class projects or homeschool science project

What Kinds of Solar Toy Cars Are Available?

There are several toy kits available online and in some retail stores. Children who like to putter and put things together would love the kits that require some assembly and are rated easy. Older children or adults would be able to manage the assembly of the intermediate or challenging kits.

Soldering is required for some kits; so make sure to read through the item description completely before making a purchase decision or else you'll be awfully disappointed if you don't have the proper tools on hand.

Most Popular Solar Powered Toy Cars

The following solar toy cars seem to be the best selling and the most popular with consumers.

  • Super Solar Race Car by Elenco

  • Mini Solar Racer Car Kit

  • World's Smallest Solar Car by OWI - $2.95 - $4.50

  • World's Smallest Solar Car by InPro Solar - $4.50

  • Solar Car Assembly Kit by Tamiya - $49.00

  • Klutz Solar Car

  • Solar Car Easy Assembly Kit by Solar Wholesale - $24.99

Since solar toy cars and solar model cars are still rather new, we couldn't find customer reviews, but these are additional brands that you can explore.

  • Solar Powered Racing Car a DIY kit that kids can put together - $15.95

  • Rechargeable Solar Car - $19.95

  • Triple Action Solar Car Kit by OWI - $38.00

  • Solar Racers by Uncle Milton - $15.00

  • Kyocera Blue Eagle 76501 by Tamiya - $19.29

  • Grasshopper Solar and Wind Up Educational Toy Car - $32.99

  • Solar Energy and Battery Powered Mini SUV Car Toy - $4.50

  • Solar Powered Racing Car Kit by Earthtech - $24.99

  • ENG S20 Solar Powered Hybrid Car - $53.00 - $72.00

  • Solar Toyota RaRa X76503 by Tamiya - $19.00

  • OWI MSK674 Sonic F1 Solar Power Race Car - $12.50 - $24.00

  • Mini Solar Yellow Cartoon Car - $6.00

  • Honda Dream Solar Car - $22.00

  • Photon Solar Race Car - $27.00

Take the time to look around and compare prices so you get the very best price before making a purchase.

What Other Solar Toys Are Fun and Educational?

Helicopters, cable cars, windmills, robots, water boats, bobble heads, dancing animals, waving people, flowers, space shuttles, trains, grasshoppers, beetles, puppies, and airplanes all powered by solar energy are some of the other solar toys that sell very well. Solar toys are an excellent tool to introduce renewable energy to children and to allow them to experience the power of the sun first-hand.

Hybrid solar toys have the ability to utilize both the sun's energy and battery power. These are nice for those rainy or overcast days when the sun simply isn't going to show up.

Why Solar Toy Cars and Model Solar Cars?

Toys that operate solely on solar energy will fascinate even children of today who are immersed in the electronic technology that surrounds them at every turn. They'll love figuring out how it runs and why it's so easy to have fun in the sun.

Giving solar toys to children will not only entertain them for a time, they'll be actively learning about solar energy. They might even realize they would like to have a career in renewable energy and help to benefit our environment!

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