Solar Refrigerators Save Lives

The concept of a solar refrigerator is quite interesting if you think about the fact that by using the hot sun's energy, a solar refrigerator will stay cold. Seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it?

This simple technology however can have and is having an amazing impact on foreign countries where vaccines are essential for life and prevention of disease.

ATC Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

A company called ATC, or Appropriate Technology Collaborative, has created a solar refrigerator designed specifically for storing vaccines using only solar energy for its power source.

The biggest challenge for third world countries is that once the vaccines reach them, the vaccines must be kept cold or else the vaccines lose their viability.

It's estimated that millions of people will be helped or saved by this amazing solar technology because vaccines will be able to be stored where they're needed most in a safe, cold environment.

The ATC Solar Vaccine Refrigerator not only provides safe storage for vaccines, but this technology also helps to stimulate the local economy. Local craftsmen using available materials such as methanol, charcoal, ethanol, and steel build the refrigerator right where it is needed.

When and if anything goes wrong with the refrigerator, the same people who built it from the ground up can fix it or replace it.

This way, when a refrigerator is needed for vaccines, one can be built on site rather than shipping expensive materials overseas. This design is so simple that it needs no moving parts and requires no electricity.

Many of these ATC solar refrigerators are used in third world countries where sunlight is abundant, but if there is a lack of sunshine for
a time, the fridge can run on biofuels as a backup energy source.

True Energy Vaccine Refrigerator

True Energy has also manufactured a solar refrigerator designed to keep vaccines and medicines cold until it's time to use them. Rural communities could still benefit from life-saving medicines and vaccines since the refrigerator is portable and uses sunlight to keep the fridge cold inside.

The True Energy fridge design can utilize solar energy, use electricity if it's available, or use the two energy sources together.

This solar refrigerator has the ability to stay cold for about 10 days even if it's not constantly being charged. That's good news for those remote areas that may not have electricity or sunlight for a time.

True Energy's Vaccine Refrigerator is unique in that it can "sense" the outside temperature and adjust the inside temperature of the fridge to keep it at an acceptable temperature.

A non-profit organization called Mercy Malaysia is already using one of these solar powered vaccine refrigerators to help people in outlying communities across the globe. Isn't that exciting?

Benefits of Solar Refrigerators

· Does not contribute to global warming
· Portable units
· Extremely efficient using only the sun's energy
· No fossil fuels required
· No need of the grid or power companies
· Requires only simple materials to build

The idea that millions of lives could be saved by such a simple invention is mind boggling, but so encouraging at the same time. If you lived in a rural area of your country and needed medicine or a vaccine, wouldn't you want that medicine or vaccine to be viable for you? A solar refrigerator makes that possible!

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