Solar Roof Tiles

Would you like solar roof tiles that look like existing asphalt shingles? Now you can buy solar cells that look just like the same matte finish and size of an asphalt roof shingle.

These tiles are covered with a thin film of solar cells that collect and convert the sunlight into electricity. This is a revolutionary way to use solar energy for your home!

Instead of needing a large area to hold solar panels, you can use your roof, whatever size it is, to do the same job.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

Because of restrictions on using solar panels in some neighborhoods, it may be easier to pass these solar tiles.

In a lot of cases you may have to get the okay of your neighbors to use solar panels. These roof-tile looking panels are much easier to convince others to allow you to use them because they appear to look like a normal roof.

Solar power shingles are made the same exact way a large panel is made except on a much smaller scale. Sunlight is captured by a photovoltaic cell in the same way and then converted into electricity.

The new improvements in solar technology recently have enabled the manufacturing of smaller cells to do the same job as the larger ones.

A Solar Power Roof is Versatile and Durable

These solar powered roof tiles can be use either off-grid or tied in with your local electric grid. An off-grid system is self contained and one that is tied with the grid means that the electricity from the local electric company is available if needed.

Solar roof tiles are as durable as asphalt tiles. They are made to last for around 20 years and the installation is as easy as installing an asphalt roof. They are durable and can withstand hail storms and high winds.

Because this technology is fairly new to the solar energy industry, you will have to do some research to find a reputable dealer who can help you to install the solar powered roof tiles for you.

Start by doing research for these online, and ask your local suppliers and contractors, as they may be able to direct you to the right place.

Where to Find Solar Roof Tiles

It isn't that easy to find Solar roofing, as the technologies are still new. Some solar products are not well made and it takes an expert to know all the ins and outs of solar panels and which products work well and will be reliable for the long term.

I recommend that you purchase solar roofing from dealers who are skilled and experienced with solar energy, and who use it themselves.

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