Solar Roofing

Three Huge Benefits to a Solar
Powered Roof!

If you knew that your choice of solar roofing could not only protect your home but also generate free electricity, wouldn't you be interested in learning more? The possibilities are VERY exciting!

solar roofing

For those looking to completely replace their roof or for someone trying to decide on just the right roof for a newly constructed home, the roofing choices that incorporate solar technology are quite amazing.

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, right? Well, by incorporating solar technology into your roof, you'll find three huge benefits.

  1. You're going to save money

  2. You'll have an aesthetically beautiful roof

  3. You'll be helping the environment in a major way

The options available on today's market are affordable enough that you can enjoy a new roof and at the same time you'll be generating free power for your home!

Solar Roofing Technology Available Today

There are a few options to consider at present, and more new and exciting technologies using solar energy are being developed all the time.

Metal Roof with Building
Integrated Photovoltaic Film

One of the most interesting options for incorporating solar energy into your roof is by using a thin film photovoltaic product known as building integrated photovoltaic film, or BIPV, which can be seamlessly integrated with an all metal roof.

A metal roof will never need replacing, and the thin film PV can be adhered right to the metal! It's the concept of placing a very large sticker or label right onto the metal roof shingles. Wires are then connected first to the thin film PV, daisy chained together, and then connected to the inverter and battery backup system. Voila, you have solar power!

By using this type of solar powered roofing, you'll cut your costs significantly as compared to installing a newly shingled roof and then putting solar panels over top of that.

Just imagine - if your shingled roof sustains any damage and needs replacing, now you not only have to remove the roof shingles, but the solar panels too in order to replace the entire area! You'll then have to pay to have the solar panels re-installed, driving up the cost of a new roof significantly.

Depending on the life span of the shingles and the length of time they have been on the roof, they eventually will wear out and require replacing, even if there hasn't been significant damage to the roof. When it comes right down to it, it's not if, but when your shingles will need replaced.

That's why these new solar powered roofing options are so exciting. With the BIPV roofing, you'll have a maintenance free roof that is generating free energy for your home.

Tile Roof and Solar Integrated System

This type of roofing system is ideal for an existing home or new construction of a home with a tile roof. The solar panels can be integrated with a concrete tile roof and look as though the panels were designed to be there all along.

This type of solar powered roof is designed in such a way that it will not leak and it will provide power to your appliances, lights, and even the pool (if you so desire) to heat the water.

Both of these roofing options will make the most of solar technologies and are beneficial for the environment and, over time, for your budget.

Solar Roofing vs. Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are a wonderful option for some roof styles, but they must be angled just so in order to work properly, so they aren't the ideal option for every style of home, which means they are somewhat limiting in their design.

However, solar technology that is integrated into metal roofing or tile roofing can be used on virtually any style of home and roof size, making it a more versatile option for homeowners.

The initial investment for either the solar roofing or the shingles can be a bit on the costly side, but is well worth the investment when you consider the alternative of investing in a shingled roof, which provides no extra energy savings.

In addition, the environment will be saved from more shingles being dumped into landfills, your roof will last longer, save you money, increase your home values, and will create a beautiful roof that will guarantee you excellent curb appeal.

There are many solar incentives and rebates available to the homeowner interested in utilizing solar technology into their home, so be sure to research these before making any final purchases or decisions.

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