The Solar Power Battery Charger - a New Way to Go Green

A solar power battery charger can save you money, help the environment, and also be fun to use! These tips will show you the easiest, most affordable and efficient ways to use these new portable solar power technologies.

For a generation of people who are constantly on the move, a solar power battery charger offers the convenience of staying "powered up" even when electrical outlets are not readily available. How many times have you wished you could keep up with family, friends, or clients while on vacation in the woods or on the beach, but are concerned about keeping your laptop or cell phone battery charged?

Benefits of Using a Solar Power Battery Charger

Whether you work from home, travel to see clients, attend university, or are a mom who seems to be ever on the move, a solar battery charge can help you stay connected, regardless of where you go.

  • Sunlight is free, which means using a solar charger is free too. Following the initial expense of the solar battery charger, the cost to recharge your batteries costs you absolutely nothing.

  • They're a convenient source of power since they don't require an electrical outlet.

  • There are a wide variety of styles and types of solar battery chargers to power up your hand-held devices or to recharge the battery on your boat, recreational vehicle, or automobile.

  • It's easy to recharge batteries with a solar charger from home, in the car, at the hotel, or at the campground.

  • Solar energy is sustainable, free, eco-friendly, clean, and available (most of the time). No harmful by-products are produced when using solar energy.

Drawbacks of Using a Solar Power Battery Charger

Yes, there are a few drawbacks, but nothing so dramatic that should stop you from considering a solar battery charger that utilizes sunlight.

Admittedly, there are days the sun doesn't shine and there are areas of the world that for geographic reasons, don't receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Solar powered devices do depend completely on the sun for energy, so if the sun happens to be on sabbatical that day, powering up your batteries via a solar charger suddenly becomes impossible.

Obviously, it's not possible to recharge batteries at night using a solar battery charger. Sometimes the weather is cloudy or inclement.

Also, a solar charger takes a bit longer than an electrical charger. However, considering that no power source is foolproof, it pays to plan ahead and plan to use solar energy when it is available.

Tips for Using a Solar Battery Charger Efficiently

  • Plan ahead - When the sun is shining, take full advantage of it and power up your solar energy batteries whenever possible.

  • Check the weather report - It seems rather simplistic, but if you know ahead of time that you're going to have a cloudy or inclement weather day, you can plan accordingly.

  • Educate yourself ahead of time - Make sure the battery charger you purchase is designed with the capability for charging the device or battery in question. For example, a cell phone doesn't require as much power to recharge the solar power battery, as it would take to recharge the solar energy batteries of a recreational vehicle.

Each style of solar charger has different features. Depending on the purpose for which you need a solar battery charger, you can choose from crystalline chargers, thin-film chargers, and even flexible chargers.

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and free, so why not use it to power not only your home and appliances, but your portable devices as well?

M.S. Rochell, Ed.M. is the owner of New Earth Enterprises which seeks to inspire and educate people about new options for healthy and sustainable choices for daily living. Her website offers practical and affordable solutions for using solar energy at home. Please visit for more solar power battery charger tips, and for our free Solar Panels eBooks.

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