The Solar Electric Light Fund

The Solar Electric Light Fund is an inspiring, non-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA, which is working to provide wireless communication and solar energy to villages and rural areas that would otherwise not have access to electricity.

They work with nongovernmental organizations, government agencies and industries to fund solar electric projects, and have so far provided services to over 15 countries in Asia, South America and Africa.

As a result, villages that would otherwise be in the dark are now able to light and power their health clinics, use water purification systems and water pumps, create irrigation systems, and have access to many economic opportunities through internet access that would otherwise not be possible.

Some of the countries that have benefited from their services include Bhutan, Benin, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Navajo Nation, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.

Please visit their site at to learn more about their work.

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