Creative Tips on Going Green

These creative tips on going green will show you some new approaches to making your daily life, your work, and even your job more environmentally friendly, starting from the inside!

It's a little work to be green but it's worth it! Our beautiful Earth needs more people to make the declaration "I'm going green now" and putting it into practice.

tips on going green

Solar energy is just one of the many ways we can go green!

These going green tips are designed to help you make a shift in your consciousness as well as your actions.

Creative New Tips on Going Green

It is actually quite simple to begin to live in a more environmentally friendly way. All it takes is a little consciousness and care.

By becoming aware of what we are doing in our daily lives, we not only help the Earth in a practical sense, but we also help to create a more positive energy for the Earth.

The Earth is a living being that nourishes and supports all of us. When we take care and appreciate what she does for us, we are helping to ease the enormous burden that she is carrying during this difficult time.

There is so much that is out of balance in today's world. We are the ones that can make the biggest difference in creating a more positive future, starting with ourselves!

These are some basic tips on going green that will help you to make positive changes in your daily life that will help our environment AND help you to save money!

  1. Become aware of how what you are doing affects the Earth. This alone will help you to find more earth friendly options for living green. This is perhaps one of our most important tips for going green.

    For example, when you buy a bottle of water, what do you do after you are finished drinking the water?

    If you throw the bottle away, it will end up in a landfill where it will stay for a very long time. Many plastics are not biodegradeable, and on top of this, they leach chemicals into your drinking water!

    If you recycle the bottle, this is a better option but it still takes energy to recycle.

    Why not instead, purchase a re-usable water container? That solves so many problems, and even better, will save you money!

  2. Develop a relationship with the Earth by taking some time to walk outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. By spending even a small amount of time in a more natural environment, you will be able to develop more awareness of how your actions are affecting the Earth.

    When the Earth is your friend, it becomes more difficult to do things that would harm her!

  3. Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home. So many of the household cleaning and gardening products that we use each day contain chemicals that are hazardous to our bodies, AND to the Earth. There are plenty of more natural and even homemade options that can be just as effective!

    This is one of the tips for going green that I've actually had some difficulty in doing, because it has been difficult to find green household products that actually work!

    For example, some of the environmentally friendly dishwasher detergents are just terrible! They don't harm the Earth, which is great, but they don't clean the dishes either!! The dishes come out with food still stuck to them, and with the detergent caked to them as well. Ugh!!

    Things are getting better now as more companies are developing more effective products, like Eco Discoveries whose products are quite effective while still being non-toxic, earth friendly and also friendly to your budget. :-)

  4. Eat fewer refined foods and you'll not only drastically improve your health, but you will save money and create less trash, which will help everyone!

    For example, I'm quite busy but I've found a way to eat well without a lot of chemicals by cooking larger amounts of some foods like grains or beans, then freezing the rest. These tips for going green are fun as they don't require a lot of extra work, and you are rewarded with time savings and convenience without needing to resort to using canned or packaged foodS!

    In the summer we freeze the fresh berries and fruits that we can get at the farmer's market, and enjoy them in our morning healthy smoothies all year round!

  5. Use creative transportation options if you can. This is another one of those tips on going green that can also benefit your health! For example, in the nicer weather, can you bike or walk to some locations? Some people in my area even use scooters! This saves on gas and also reduces pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels.

    Clean Green Cars aims to help inform people about what we can do to choose a greener car to help combat global warming and save our planet for future generations.

  6. Telecommute or work at home if you are able to. It saves a huge amount of gas, (and thereforme money), time and energy. I work at home and my husband telecommutes one day a week. It really makes a difference!

More Tips on Going Green

These are some helpful sites which provide excellent and useful information that will help you to find new ways to go green in all areas of your life!

Here are some simple ways to save energy.

Want to know how to reduce climate change?

See other sources of green energy at All Energy Solutions.

Want to Save the Earth?

Inspire Others - Share YOUR Tips on Going Green

What are you doing in your daily life to go green and to help the Earth? Please do share! Your sharing will inspire others!

Share Your Tips for Going Green

How are you going green to help our Earth in your daily life? Please share your story, which will inspire others!

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