Where is Solar Energy Used?

Where is solar energy used? Anywhere that the sun shines is a possible location for a solar power home, solar appliances, portable solar devices or solar systems.

I'd like to hear where YOU use solar energy? Where do you live, and how do you use solar power in your daily life? Share your story here!

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Do you have a great story about your experience of using solar energy? Please share and let us know where you are!

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Solar Food Dehydrator 
Hi, this is Robin from Green-Energy-Efficient-Homes.com Years ago I built a solar food dehydrator without really paying much attention to how others …

Solar panels work great on a sailboat 
We lived for 8 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean...I know it is tough, but someone had to do it. We had a energy usage of 100 to 120 amp hours per …

Solar Energy in Portugal 
I live in Portugal, and am impressed with the number of homes and businesses I see with solar panels on their roofs. Mostly they are used to heat water, …

Solar Ear – Affordable Hearing Aids Not rated yet
Hearing aids are expensive and are not often covered by insurance, so there are millions of people throughout the world simply going without them. …

Tips for Saving Money and Showing the Environment a 'Lil Love Not rated yet
We've all heard the phrase "going green" at some point in the last few years; whether it's on a billboard, radio station, in a magazine, reading a blog, …

Solar Light in the Midst of Disaster by LuminAID Not rated yet
LuminAID, the very first inflatable light powered by solar energy, was created by Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork in response to the disastrous earthquake …

Solar Refrigerators Save Lives Not rated yet
The concept of a solar refrigerator is quite interesting if you think about the fact that by using the hot sun's energy, a solar refrigerator will stay …

Quetsol in Guatemala Brings Light to Rural Homes Not rated yet
Light is something most people take for granted because it's something to which they have access. In Guatemala however, there are as many as 500,000 homes …

Lost Without Power Not rated yet
i had not been able to pay my electric bill and so i saved up enough money money to have solar system installed and it really helped.

Looking for Solar Contractors in Tennessee Not rated yet
i live in rural west tennessee and would love to have information on contractors that install solar panels and where someone might find a grant or loan …

Where Is Solar Energy Used At Our House? Not rated yet
Hi, this is Mary. We live in Northeastern Kansas where the winters can get pretty cool. We do not have any solar panels so one might ask, "Where is solar …

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