Why Go Green?

The Many Benefits of Going Green

Why go green? In today's stressed out world where everyone is scrambling a mile a minute to keep up with constant change, and with the many demands of our daily lives, how can we possibly find the time and energy to make MORE changes, even if they are positive?

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The good news is that there are so many benefits to going green that you will find your whole life changing for the better once you make the commitment to go green ... even if you start small!

You don't have to start by replacing your entire household electrical grid with solar energy. Sure, we'd all love to have the money and time to do that! I'm preparing right now to eventually turn over our home to renewable energy sources by educating myself about solar energy. I believe that we all WILL get there one day, but in the meantime, there is PLENTY that we can be doing!

Why Go Green - What Does Going Green Mean?

What does going green mean? And exactly what is going green anyways?

First of all, going green is not about your politics, your religion, or your beliefs about whether global warming is real or not real.

Going green simply means that you live in harmony with the Earth by making choices in your daily life that support the health of the environment and reduce harm to our planet.

Going green is a choice we make to take care of our beautiful Earth, just as we would take care of our health, our children, and our families. Why go green? It's simply the right thing to do!

Going green improves your health and the health of your family as well as the health of the Earth.

Going green starts with our consciousness. As we become aware of what we are doing each day, and the impact of our actions on the Earth, we can make choices about what we do and how we do it.

Why Go Green - What is Going Green?

What is going green? Here is one example that you may be able to relate to.

Let's say you're at work and you go out for lunch. When you get a salad at the deli, it is packaged in a throw away plastic container. After you eat, you throw it away, where it sits in a landfill for who knows how many years until it biodegrades.

You repeat that pattern five days a week for 30 years and guess what? You've created a mountain of garbage that may be sitting there long after you are gone.

Is that what you want for our planet? Or for your children and grandchildren?

If you would like to change this, you can come up with a creative alternative! There are plenty of environmentally friendlier possibilities.

  • You could talk to the deli manager about getting biodegradable or environmentally friendly packaging for their salads.

  • You could purchase some re-usable containers and bring your own salad from home.

  • You could create a "lunch pool" at your workplace where everyone pitches in for a group order, thus reducing the amount of individual plastic containers being used.

  • You could see if the deli allows you to "bring your own" container! Some food co-ops do this now, with scales that allow you to weigh your container.

  • Our friend Kevin has some excellent additional tips for living green and Eco Friendly in your daily life, in the real world! :-)

These are just a few ideas on what is going green, to help you think about your own life.

Why Go Green? - Benefits to Our Health

One of the benefits of going green is that when we care for the Earth, the choices that we make benefit our own health as well. Our bodies are a part of the Earth and they respond positively to healthier choices.

For example, if we choose to eat fewer packaged and processed foods, we likely will be eating healthier and ingesting fewer preservatives and chemicals.

Not only does the Earth benefit from having fewer bottles, cans and containers generated as trash, but also our bodies are happier because they don't have so many toxins to process.

Going green with food is a simple and affordable way to both improve our health AND the health of the Earth. By reducing our consumption of meat and animal products, we eat more efficiently, and there is less need to support factory farming practices which at the present time produce over half of the world's greenhouses gas emissions.

When we go green by choosing to use our cars less and to walk or bicycle more, our bodies thank us for the exercise!

There are so many ways to benefit from green living and to have fun in the process!

Why Go Green? - Benefits to Our Environment

Regardless of what you may believe about global warming, climate change and the obviously changing weather patterns all around us, the Earth always benefits from any effort to reduce stress on her ecosystems.

There are so many simple changes that you can make in your daily life that will make a huge difference for the Earth and also for your own health. Taking a few simple steps to reduce your carbon footprint can also be fun and educational, and bring a renewed sense of appreciation for the miraculous interconnection of all of life.

When the Earth benefits, we benefit as well, because we are a part of the Earth. Our lives depend on the nourishment that the Earth provides through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

All parts of the ecosystem are interrelated and so when we disrupt one aspect, all other parts of the Earth must re-adjust themselves. Why go green? We have the gift of choice and can choose to live in ways that are harmonious with the Earth so that all of us can benefit!

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