Wind Energy Jobs

The demand for wind energy jobs is growing rapidly worldwide. Companies in the renewable energy fields, including wind energy, have need of educated and skilled professionals ready to work in several areas of wind energy.

In the United states, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association, representing 2,500+ companies from around the world in the area of wind energy. This organization is considered "the voice" of wind energy in the United States and provides many free opportunities for learning about the industry and the jobs available in the industry.

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Future Outlook of Jobs in Wind Energy

In the year 2008, the increase in both commercial and residential wind turbines increased greatly, however, by 2010 it became apparent that standards for renewable energy are necessary or else the wind turbine manufacturers are not going to be able to stay in business.

If governments would pass a national standard (and offer grants) to increase the use of renewable energy, thousands of jobs would be created.

Manufacturers of wind turbines are hesitant to build new facilities for fear that the demand for wind energy isn't certain. If renewable energy standards are passed, more turbine production facilities would be built, thus creating wind energy jobs in several areas of the industry.

In the U.S., General Electric currently manufactures most of the wind turbines and they estimate 116,000 new jobs will be created in 2010.

As use of wind power increases, there will be a greater need for the construction of transmission lines that run from the wind farm or wind turbine to the home.

As power lines are made more efficient and "smarter", there could be up to 80,000 new jobs created by 2014.

When you look at the big picture, the need and demand for renewable energy sources is only increasing, so the potential for wind energy jobs is still very real.

What Types of Jobs Exist in Wind Energy?

The job opportunities in wind energy offer something for every skill set. Wind energy careers are available in manufacturing, research, development, finance, marketing, sales, and much more. We've listed a few of the areas of demand for energy in which jobs are currently in demand.

  • Project development

  • Turbine technology, testing and certification

  • Construction of wind turbines

  • Wind Turbine installation

  • Manufacturing of wind turbine components

  • Turbine operation

  • Wind turbine maintenance

  • Wind data manager

  • Wind energy analysis & assessment

  • Manufacturing engineers

  • Quality assurance personnel

  • Production of turbines - blades, turbines, gearboxes

  • Environmental assessment (effect of wind turbines on the environment)

  • Field technicians

  • Legal services required by wind plants

  • Marketing services for commercial and residential wind turbines

How Can I Train for a Job in Wind Energy?

College students should seek out internships with organizations that promote wind energy for additional experience in the industry.

This is typically the best way to enter the industry of wind energy jobs because contacts are made and the student has the chance to show the company for whom they are interning with what their skills are and what they have to offer the company. In addition, students should be pursuing a specialized degree in wind energy, business, or engineering.

Perhaps you are already in a career and desire to enter the field of wind energy. It's vital that you learn as much as possible about the industry via Internet resources and by talking with professionals working in the field.

These are all excellent ways to find out about opportunities in wind energy, but national conferences are probably the best environment for discovering all you wanted to know about wind energy careers and for networking with people in the industry.

The biggest national conference is held annually and sponsored by AWEA. It is free and boasts professionals in the industry as speakers and workshop leaders.

Careers in wind energy are available in certain areas of many countries at present, but if more governments pass a national standard, that could change dramatically. Currently in the U.S., Texas, California, and New York are three of the top states using wind energy at present.

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