Wind Power Facts

Here are some wind power facts that you may find helpful before making the investment into a wind power system for your home.

picture of wind turbine in rural setting to illustrate wind power facts

What is wind power and how does it work? A wind turbine is simply a fan that creates free, clean energy for your home once the generator converts the wind energy into useable electricity. Wind turbines can save a homeowner on electricity costs and potentially provide power during an outage.

Perhaps you're thinking about investing in a wind turbine for your home and are wondering what the real facts are regarding wind power. We've compiled some interesting facts about wind power that we hope will help you make an educated decision about whether or not to purchase a wind turbine for your home.

Wind Power Facts - Why Wind Power?

Residential size wind turbines operate quietly and efficiently. Actually, the decibel level of a stereo or even the average office environment is louder than a wind turbine in full operation.

It's important to note that homeowners should take into consideration the location of their wind turbine because if it is located in a valley, the sounds, although quiet, may seem louder.

Rural locations may notice a slight operating noise, but often the wind itself is louder than a turbine in full motion. Urban locations naturally have more background noise, so it would be nearly impossible to notice the noise the turbine makes when it's operating at full speed.

Benefits of Wind Design

Why is wind power a good idea for a homeowner? Wind is a clean, renewable energy source. Wind does not produce any harmful emissions into the air, nor does it cause water pollution. Wind power is free once the turbine has been erected.

Wind energy could defray your electricity costs significantly, possibly providing up to half your electricity needs, saving you money both in the short term and the long term.

Homeowners in several states across the U.S., and in many other countries in the world are eligible for tax incentives and rebates from the federal, state, and sometimes even local governments for installing and utilizing this amazing alternative energy source.

How much money should a homeowner be prepared to invest in a single wind turbine? Honestly, price ranges are so varied; it's difficult to quote an exact amount.

Cost of Wind Energy

A do-it-yourself system might only cost you $200-$330 if you have some of the materials or can find them inexpensively. However, a homeowner should be ready for a price quote of possibly as low as $3,000 or as much as $40,000, which would could include professional installation.

Homeowners in some countries such as the U.S. have the option in some states of selling energy back to their local utility company in the event that the wind turbine produces more power than can be utilized by the homeowner.

One of the protests against wind turbines that are heard most often is that they're responsible for unnecessary avian deaths. Real statistics indicate that for every 10,000 avian deaths caused by human activities or cats, there is a single bird or bat killed by a wind turbine.

Wind turbines are designed with either a vertical axis or a horizontal axis. The wind power design is important to note because depending on the availability of wind in your geographic location and the physical location of your turbine, one or the other could work more efficiently for you.

Homeowners are encouraged to learn as many wind power facts as possible before purchasing a wind turbine. It's advisable to also check into zoning laws in your area prior to making your purchase of a wind energy system.

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