Wind Power For Homes

Will Residential Wind Power Work for Your Home?

Wind power for homes is readily available for homeowners who are willing to try their hand at a do-it-yourself project or are financially able to pay for professional installation.

Homeowners in rural locations are most likely to consider using wind energy to power their homes, outbuildings, barns, and farms.

Determine first whether or not your home would benefit from a home wind power system by asking the following questions.

Is My Home a Good Fit for Residential Wind Power?

  • Where is my home located? Urban, suburban, or rural area? Typically, suburban and urban locations aren't ideal for making use of wind energy due to zoning regulations. Rural locations often benefit the most from wind turbines and home wind power systems.

  • Is my home located in a mountainous or hilly region? If so, you should first consult a wind power professional to assess the wind patterns in your area. Homes located on flat and open topography have a good chance of generating a good amount of power from wind turbines and therefore make good candidates.

  • Will my utility company allow me to connect a wind turbine to the grid? There are federal laws in place that allow for wind turbines to be connected to the local power grid, but you still have to go through the proper channels in order to obtain permission to make the connection. A wind power professional could help you with this process.

Advantages of Wind Power For Homes

What benefits can a homeowner expect to enjoy by installing a wind turbine on his property? The primary benefit of wind energy is that it's the least expensive type of renewable energy. You'll save more money on your utility bill by investing in a single wind turbine for your home.

The turbines themselves are maintenance free, making them an ideal investment toward saving on energy costs. Once the turbines are installed, there is no cost associated with their operation.

Wind power is clean, renewable, and sustainable. It won't ever run out and it won't ever harm the environment. The carbon footprint of a household utilizing wind power is much smaller, making a positive impact on the world's energy resources and the environment as a whole.

Drawbacks of Residential Wind Power

The cost of building a wind turbine from scratch is much more affordable than hiring a contractor to install it for you, but most people don't have the knowledge or confidence to go it alone so they hire someone. The cost of the turbine plus installation can be a bit prohibitive for many homeowners.

The other drawback of wind power is that the wind doesn't blow constantly. It's not wise to depend on wind power alone for your power requirements. You can back up a wind turbine with solar power or simply connect to the local utility power grid for those times when the wind isn't providing enough energy for your home.

Some researchers will say that wind turbines affect the local climate and therefore should be avoided. There isn't significant research to support this claim definitively.

Home Wind Power Systems - An Untapped Energy Source

Wind power for homes and commercial buildings is sorely underutilized across the country and the world. Due to the high cost of installing wind turbines and the noise associated with several of them in one location, many homeowners and companies are shying away from wind power as a viable energy source.

Wind turbine plants would produce wind energy jobs and eventually the cost of producing wind turbines would decrease, so the cost to the homeowner would also be significantly less.

Denmark and Germany lead the world in wind energy usage with the United States and Spain coming in second place. There are so many other areas of the world that could benefit greatly from this amazing, renewable, and free resource!

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