Wind Power Generators

The Advantages of Wind Power

Wind power generators have the potential to create a good amount of power and are an excellent renewable energy choice for remote areas, farms, and marine vessels.

It's not as simple to purchase a wind generator as it is to purchase solar panels, but it is possible! Harnessing the power of the wind makes good sense, especially when you combine it with solar energy to power your home or farm.

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How Do Wind Power Generators Operate?

Wind is a moving force, but it isn't always present on a given day. When the wind does blow, it produces kinetic energy (in the air).

A wind turbine effectively slows the wind, captures the energy contained within the wind (air) and then converts it into usable electrical energy via an inverter.

The size of your wind turbine blades will determine how much power you can actually convert, but for most residential applications, a small turbine does the trick.

Why Use Wind Power Generators?

There are several useful applications for wind generators (turbines);

  • Produce power to supplement solar powered homes

  • Remote farms and locations can have the benefit of power without the high cost of obtaining power, or facing the alternative of having no power at all!

  • Wind turbines can power sail boats and other marine vehicles

  • More wind = more power, so if you live in an area of the world that has a lot of wind, it's a great (and free) energy source

  • No emissions, so they're considered environmentally friendly

Will a Wind Turbine Save Me Money?

Truth be told, the initial investment into a single wind turbine for residential or farm use will be cost-prohibitive for some people. However, the long-term benefits may be worth it, depending on the renewable energy grants or other incentives that may be available. Wind power is both economical (over time) and friendly to the environment.

You can fill in the "gaps" of your power needs that perhaps your solar panels aren't fully meeting, especially on those days when the sun decides to hide from view.

In many areas of the world, even if the sun isn't shining, it's possible that the wind is blowing. Typically, a wind turbine is used in conjunction with a connection to your local power grid and/or your solar energy system. You can use your wind turbine to pump water, produce electricity, and power small appliances.

Tips for Buying or Building Wind Power Generators

Of course, you can purchase a wind generator and have it installed by a professional. This will cost as little as $6,000 or as much as $22,000 for one turbine.

However, it's not that difficult to make your own either. You'll need to first understand how much wind you want to generate, how likely it is you'll get the wind you need (want), and you'll need to know about any zoning laws that might apply to wind power generators.

Building your own wind turbine? You'll need patience, excellent instructions, and it will be a lot easier if you know how to cut and weld steel. It's possible to hire out the services of your local machine shop if necessary too. Matching the proper size blade to any generator can be a challenge, but if you have purchased good plans for building your own wind generator, this information should already be included for you.

The Pros and cons of Building a Wind Generator

The benefits of building your own wind turbine are that you can customize the size and shape to what you want it to be for your power needs. You'll save on installation costs and possibly material costs (depending on what you can find on the market or through friends). You'll have the satisfaction of building your own turbine. The power you generate will pay you back over time.

The drawbacks to a wind turbine at all are not going to outweigh the benefits, but should be mentioned so you have a clear picture about wind turbines and what they can do for you.

Obviously, if the wind isn't blowing, no power is generated. You may run into difficulties even obtaining permission to put a wind turbine on your property, as some zoning regulations may prohibit large devices from being installed.

Some people are affected by the low level noise that is generated by wind power generators, and have reported headaches, sleep disturbances and other symptoms. There is still controversy over whether living close to wind turbines can affect health, and so you may want to do some research on this before setting up one near to your home.

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